Secure and Affordable Self Storage Facility

Secure Self-Storage in Gouldsboro, PA

The growth of the self-storage unit business across the country has had the unpleasant side effect of leading to an increase in the number of burglaries from these units.

It is tempting to wonder what the thought process of storage unit burglars involves. After all, the contents are not visible, so it would seem that there is no logic in taking the risk. It would be entirely possible to break into a storage unit and find nothing but old furniture or clothes. On the other hand, it could contain valuable and easily sold electronics such as TVs and computers.

The pattern that has emerged in all the cases involving theft from a storage unit is that in over 80% of the reported instances, the robbery was performed by one tenant of the facility breaking into another’s unit. Under the pretense of moving things in and out of their unit, they can observe the traffic coming and going and make reasonable assumptions about the value of the goods in a unit.

If you are contemplating renting a storage unit and plan on storing items that have monetary value, there are some simple steps that will provide reasonable assurance that your items will be safe.

A more secure storage facility will have gated storage units, meaning that only certified tenants and employees of the facility have access to the premises. This is important since the nature of how facilities are built makes it easy for someone to be unobserved.

Next, try to check on your unit occasionally. Thieves can tell when a unit is seldom visited. This gives them the edge in knowing that it may be a long while before a theft is discovered.

Gated storage in Gouldsboro, PA often has additional security measures such as a security code that is entered at the entrance to the facility that will automatically disable an alarm on the unit. If a would-be thief uses a security code to access the facility premises, then tries to get into any other storage unit, an alarm sounds.